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Morelia house

What Morelia House is all about

      My name is Brandon Wheeler and I have a passion for basically every snake that you can put on a branch.  Unfortunately, it’s a bit unrealistic to collect them all so my focus for quite a few years now has been carpet and scrub pythons.  Something about their nature and the way that they conduct themselves just draws me to them. Between the variability in natural color, pattern and inquisitive personality’s, carpet pythons easily make one of the best pet python species in herpetoculture. 


     Scrub pythons are another species that are misunderstood.  Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t recommend them for a new keeper or the faint of heart but once they hit your radar it’s hard to not really, really want one (I do not have any available at this time).  If that’s you then shoot me an email, private message or a phone call. I love talking reptiles and I’m always up for a conversation. This site isn’t necessarily for selling snakes as much as it is to document my journey through the hobby. 

It’s about more than just keeping a snake in a box. It’s a lifestyle.

“Enjoy your existence” -Crissy D

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