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Current Residents:



This girl is the cornerstone of my zebra projects and she knows it. She’s a 2011 Zebra produced by Nick  Mutton from Lazik, Harris and Shuette stock. I’ve raised this girl up for years and she’s still holding some fantastic color for being a third generation zebra.  One of those animals that I make sure I take the time to appreciate every time I enter the snake room.


This guy rocks. He has fairly pinned out yellows and a bit of of a chaotic pattern which makes him a perfect candidate for zebra projects.

He has sired clutches from both Amberlyn and Juicy. Very cool Jungle, super chill and laid-back attitude. He was produced by Headhunter and Descends from Harris, Leary CVR (Lazik), and VPI lines. 


This girl Is a screamer.  She was produced by Andrew Paris from his Jada x Luther Pairing. Blood lines include German,Lazik, VPI, and M. Beach.  Looking forward to pairing her with Data in the future  


This is Data! My holdback Zebra from the 2019 Amberlyn x Alcatraz clutch.  Without a doubt, this is the coolest looking thing i've ever hatched. Fingers crossed I can reproduce this look. 

Bloodlines include Lazik, Schuette, VPI, Harris, Palmerson and Tully


This girl is freaky looking and I love it! She was a twin from Andrew Paris’s Slowhand x Jada pairing. I really hope some of her features can be reproduced.  Fingers crossed that we will find out in 2020 when I pair her for the first time with Alcatraz. Juciy’s father Slowhand has some fairly large gaps in his history so its best that she is just known as a undocumented jungle carpet, a very sexy one at that.

Ivory Project's 


Avalanche is a 50% ivory zebra from Muttons ivory stock. She Is the product of a full blood ivory that was bred to a super zebra. I am very exited about the ivory zebra project and to see where it goes! The goal here is snow white ivory zebra jungle carpets. 

Alta and Brighton:

Named after two of my favorite ski resorts Brighton and Alta are seriously snow white.  They are both 100% from Mutton ivory stock and have not been outcrossed from the original line.  The goal is to do both.  Outcross Alta into Avalanche creating 75% Ivory zebras and keeping going at 100% to see what that next level realy looks like ....  I seriously love this project!  

Barretta &

Mr. Freeze:

These are Afors line pure locality animals.  Julatten’s look absolutely nothing like your typical jungle carpet and come from the most northern range for jungles. They are obviously phenotypically distinct from other jungle types.  Their grey’s, olive’s and white’s should turn into some very cool selective breeding projects in the years to come.        

Inland Pythons:

Inland pythons are possibly the best pet carpet pythons that you can get. I say that for a few reasons. 


#1 The personality- Inlands are extremely chill and relaxed. I've never met a defensive one and mine have never struck at me. This was one of the first two snakes that I let my son hold and they are the perfect python for people with children.

#2 Moderate size- This species rarely exceeds 6' in length making it a very managable species for most people. 

#3 Bullet proof!  They come from both a very hot and very cold enviorment making them very forgiving to keeper error.   




Denver & Flo:

Brisbane coastals are the southern most locality that is currently available in the united states outside of the integrate zone (where diamonds and coastal naturally diverge).  They are all born as red baby’s and can attain a larger size than the majority of the coastals in the states. Personally the extreme contrast of olive, grey, black and red really drive me to this locality.  Its pretty hard to be a fan of coastals and not drool over these guys.



Not going to lie, this girl is intense.  When people say “typical scrub attitude” this girl is the poster child. She is a proven breeder and the mother of my 2018 scrub clutch.  She is a Merauke locality southern scrub python purchased from a small pet shop in long beach California. I walked into this shop back in 2016 and immediately had to hold her.  Problem was none of the pet shop employees were willing to take her out. She was only about 4’ long at the time but she wasn’t having it, struck at anything that moved. They said they had her there for about 6 months and no one would buy her…. Well that was stupid!  I took her out of the cage, got tagged about 4 times, walked her to the counter and the scrub obsession was officially underway! (I love this snake)

The Dude:

Named after the Big Lebowski this is a very chill snake.  By far my most trusted and kick back scrub in the collection.  He is a Patternless male “Merauke” locality scrub. He throws some crazy looking offspring and there are a few different opinions as to why.  A few of the normal offspring are a bit more heavily patterned than normal and the “patternless” offspring really turned out looking more reduced patterned than patternless.  Merauke is a MASSIVE place so it’s to be expected that there will be different phenotypes present depending on where the snake was collected. Whatever is going on with this snake he an absolute pleasure to work with and my “go-to” whenever I need some scrub time.

Katana & Lucy:

These are the female Sorong locality Barneck’s.  This 2019-2020 season will be my first attempt pairing them with a male.  If I can get either of them to lay a good clutch then it will be a massive check off of my lifetimes to-do list. Barnecks are without a doubt my favorite scrub type.  They seem to really work things out. When you watch them climb and interact with their environment it can be very rewarding. The girls are each fairly manageable. Lucy Is easy going about 90% of time. Katana isn’t terrible but I can’t trust her.  Right when you let your guard down she makes it point to remind you that it was a bad idea. That may be why I like her so much! Hopefully 12-Gauge puts some work in this year and we can get some captive bred offspring.


This guy was added to the collection in 2019 after figuring out that my female Lucy was indeed a female and not a male. No worries though, just gave me an excuse to pick this guy up and go for the Trio! He’s an older boy and was likely hatched sometime around 2010. He has been in captivity ever since he was a hatchling and sits right around 9’ in length making him the largest scrub that I have in my collection at this time.  His temperament isn’t bad, but it isn’t great either. It’s going to take some time for us to be comfortable with each outer. Fingers crossed he’s ready for this season and gets the job done. 

The Amazon's:

ATB’s are freaking awesome! They spent a lot of years as kind of an underrated species but have really gained in popularity over the last couple years. The level of phenotypical (the way the look) diversity that occurs within a single litter is mind blowing when compared to other species. Yellow, orange, red black, grey… freaking PURPLE! It’s AWESOME! They also tend to be quite active at night and make very cool display animals. My pair are both Tiger’s which is an incomplete dominant pattern mutation. I’m really looking forward to adding more to my collection. 

There are a few more members hanging around the house but that will have to wait for another day… 

If you have any questions about any of the animals I keep then please reach out, I would love to talk to you about them.

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