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Dav Kaufman came over to do a reptile room tour! Very cool of him to put this together for me.  Dav puts out some great content, Make sure to check out some of his other video's 
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You ready to learn something? Morelia Python Radio!

I have listened to countless hours of this podcast.  They constantly have guests that provide fresh knowledge about everything Morelia as well as just about every other species of python, from breeding and keeping to community updates. Morelia python Radio is possibly the best tool that I have found for constant up to date information in herpetoculture.  Massive thank you to Erik Burke and Owen Mclntyre for everything they do. Check out the website at

Want some reading material? Check out Scott Borden's Blog.  He covers quite a few of the different issues that can come up in the hobby and has a perspective that I've grown to appreciate and respect.

Giving credit where credit is due

People will always tell you to find a mentor.. Well, thats harder than it sounds.  It's not often that you find someone who will answer your phone calls 24 hours a day and spend a countless amount of time answering your stupid questions and guiding you towards a path of success.  For me that mentor is Nick Mutton.  Nicks influence has helped me accomplish goal after goal after goal. If I don't have what you are looking for then head over to and check out his availability page. Tell him you want that Morelia House discount (that's not really a thing but it will probably irritate him... That makes me happy!) 

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Morelia House youtube channel 

The YouTube vortex! 
I have learned a ton over the year's by listening to different podcasts interacting with some great people. These are the channels i watch and the content I enjoy 

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